Standards Norway: AI


Today, Zisson attended a morning conference about AI held by Standards Norway. Standards Norway (SN) is a private and independent member organization and is one out of three standardization bodies in Norway. Standards Norway is responsible for standardization activities in all areas except the electrotechnical field and the telecommunications field.

Zisson always wants to keep up with new technology, information, and discussions about our field. That way, we can learn and develop our product continuously.

Today we heard interesting lectures from The State Secretary Paul Chaffey, The Consumer Council, PWC, SINTEF, and many more.

They talked about the government’s strategy for artificial intelligence, AI ethics, society, and standards, and artificial intelligence in Europe and international standardization.

Here are 4 key points from the conference:

1. A lot of different areas can benefit from using AI. The government wants to facilitate so that Norway will have a world-class AI infrastructure, and to make that happen; we must share data within and across industries and sectors.

2. If we want a Norwegian strategy for AI, we must enable language resources and data in the Norwegian language.

3. Ethical principles of AI must be addressed early in the standardization process. And we have to differentiate between the different types of AI and the ethical questions they pose.

4. At the heart of AI are predictions. There are many complicated algorithms in play when collecting data. A consequence can be that decisions can be made about you based on the collected data. It is essential to have standards that prevent bias and discrimination and a right to preserve privacy.

Thank you for an insightful morning conference, Standards Norway!