Our amazing SMART SWITCHBOARD platform

… powers your SUPER HERO agents …

…to make SUPER HAPPY customers

Our amazing CONTACT CENTER platform

… powers your SUPER HERO agents …

…to make SUPER HAPPY customers

About us

We are cloud based switchboard pioneers. Here at Zisson, we strongly believe our company and services success relies on putting customers first.

Customer experience

Our Services

Wave Smart Switchboard

Wave Smart Switchboard Is the core of our services. A modular cloud platform takes care of inbound and outbound customer dialogue.

By combining modules and building user profiles, our customers can customize the workspace for each individual task/role. For those who prefer dialog via chat, text messages, social media or integration with other 3rd party systems, module and interfaces are ready out of the box. Operation is executed from any device with an internet connection. The same platform also has a flexible switchboard set-up option.

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Wave PBX in the Cloud

Wave PBX in the Cloud is a complete replacement of the in-house PBX telephony server and telecommunications network connections. The platform is extremely scalable and comes with a monthly subscription plan. Customers retains their public phone number plan and all basic functionalities from the in-house PBX’s are built into our service.

All service and operation on customer side are carried out from IT-professionals with no need of specialized certifications.

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Wave Emergency Plan

Wave Emergency Plan is a cloud based back-up service comprising easy and fast activation feasibilities. For some customers, a local installation with customized functionalities and integration is a part of their core daily operation. To ensure availability and reliable dialogue in emergency situations, Wave emergency plan can be a cost-efficient insurance.

The service supports all the core features needed to deliver critical accessibility when the prime source/system is out of service.