The team

Meet some of the great people who work in Zisson and read about what they do and why they love their job.


What is your job in Zisson?
We set up solutions for customer accounts, provide support when customers need it and have training in the system. The best thing about the job is to find solutions to problems, and efficiently serve customers with a solution that makes things work again. - Christer, Carsten and David, support and solution design.

My job is to test in Zisson Interact

I create statistical reports and coordinate publishing processes. I help support if they have any needs or feedback from our customers and test that all features work the way they should. I love to test to make sure the product we deliver is of the highest quality and to make our customers happy! - Arthi Arokia Maria, QA and release manager.

I knew I would be a developer when I studied computer science at NITH,

because I enjoy the digital world so much. I work as a developer and programmer. The working environment is what makes the job so good, it's a good support system with great people and a good team. Every day I get to work on technology, which I love! - Moritz Lilleby, developer.

I´m responsible for the finance and HR

My job is to have control over our numbers, the reports, analytics, hiring, HSE, owner dialogue etc. I value predictability, predictability and accuracy in everything we do. Be straightforward. I am motivated by delivering good results with the organization because we are the once who create the numbers and no one else - Robert Lindahl, CFO.

I handle the statistic reporting in Zisson Interact,

It is essential for customers to get rich statistics that they can use further in planning and business strategy. It is with the data that they know how to proceed and what is needed to grow. What motivates me most is to see that our customers need and use the reports and data I provide. - Carrie Chung, senior reporting developer.

Versatility is what makes my job so exciting!

My main task is within the structure, network, and server operation, but I also work with HSE in the company. I make sure all systems are up and running at all times. Our servers must work for our product to work. Being able to contribute from everything with cables to the social means that no days are completely the same, and that is what makes my job so much fun. - Charley Sjøstrøm, senior operating engineer.

My job is mainly to work with APIs,

I have to continually learn new things, which makes my job always fun. When customers come up with complicated questions that support doesn't quite figure out, I help with that too. - Jon Heier, senior developer.

Customer Success Manager

I solve the issues that needs solving, and try to make our customers working days better! - Kim Josefsen, CSM.