Zisson logo

Zisson is an innovative IT company with offices in Oslo and Stockholm, which develops and operates contact center and switchboard solutions. Zisson was established in 2007 with the ambition to simplify and improve communication between companies and end customers. Our vision is simple - to be the preferred solution for all businesses with a professional customer journey approach! Our dedicated colleagues are crucial to achieving our goal, and our most defining value is that we are one team.

We are proud to partner with leading companies who want to provide the best customer communication services. Our partners are Telenor, Techstep, Friday Networks, and Mobit. Together with our partners, we have 400 customers in the public and private sectors. Verdane Capital has been our investment partner since 2018. In 2019, we made our first acquisition; the Swedish company Clear IT. We focus on customer-driven development, market trends, and the latest technology. At Zisson, you have the opportunity to create your workday, set the agenda, and influence future development and growth.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We take corporate social responsibility seriously and want to enact positive change. We work towards equality and diversity in all parts of our organization. We make socially responsible choices to reduce the company's environmental footprint and limit waste. We are proud to say that over 90% of our employees choose an environmentally friendly travel route to work. We further support our local community by making charitable efforts to several youth sports teams. We also have student trainee/internship programs. In addition, we provide free support annually to the national Norwegian charity fund-raising event called: “NRK TV-campaign”. We are gold sponsors for KIRN (Forum for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Norway) to influence the discussion around AI in Norway. As a tech company, we focus on universal design and, among other things, have developed a switchboard for the blind in our solution. This creates working opportunities for employees with visual impairment in businesses that use our contact center solution.

Our values

Get the job done: We are always striving to cooperate with key tasks, to efficiently deliver quality at the agreed upon time.

Simplicity: Our internal and external communication is direct and open with short decision-making cycles. Our products are intuitive to the degree that it minimizes any need for a training period.

One team: We work together towards our goals and win and lose together. We are Zissonians, which means that we care about and respect each other. It also means that everyone takes a responsibility to contribute in the team, and feels ownership to own and collective assignments.