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A Smart Public Sector

The Contact Center Solution for the public sector

Residents, businesses, and employees have an increased expectation of communication with the public sector. This expectation requires that Norwegian municipalities must work smarter to ensure better and more efficient services. Several municipalities use our contact center solution to streamline their communication. Together with our partner Telenor, we specialize in solutions for the public sector. This focus is what makes our platform optimal for smart municipalities.

“Zisson is a supplier that delivers quickly, meets our needs, and saves us money. Zisson also has a very skilled, well-qualified support department with pleasant employees who fixes everything quickly and efficiently.” - Gjesdal Municipality

What is needed to create one digital public sector?

With the Minister of Digitization Nikolai Astrup, the Ministry of Local Government and Modernization has presented a strategy about One digital public sector.The report states: "Digitization should contribute to a more efficient public sector, cost efficiency and an easier everyday life for most people." 

The report also states that digitalization of the public sector should support digital transformation. -"Digital transformation means changing the fundamental ways businesses solve their tasks using technology" ( transformation means better user experiences and smarter ways to solve tasks.

Continuous services across channels and actors

The public sector must look at its citizens as customers to whom they want to provide fantastic services. The public sector must choose solutions that help the different actors succeed in creating an easier everyday life for most people. 

No one should feel like a bouncing ball between various public actors, and we need continuous communication across the public sector. The public sector needs the right tools to achieve this goal. By using an omnichannel contact center, you can see inquiries across all communication channels, follow their progress, and send them to the right place and person. 

The use of our omnichannel solution will contribute to efficiency and cost-saving. It will also fix the limitations that the public sector´s communication faces today - like the basic human need to feel like you are seen and heard.