Release notes

Zisson Contact Center

We are thrilled to release a new version of Zisson Contact Center that we think will provide you with functionality you have been waiting for. This is just the start and we will work hard to provide you with even more exiting functionality in the near future. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to learn more on what we are doing both in reinventing Contact Center, but also in our work on Social Responsibility.

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Your Zisson Team


Nå er det sommer og vi kan nyte varme dager og lyse netter. Vi i Zisson har brukt dagene innendørs, og utnyttet de lyse nettene til det fulle for å gjøre ferdig en ny versjon av kundesenteret vårt som vi er veldig stolte av. Vi håper dere kommer til å like det vi har gjort.


The Contact Center technology is in a rapid development and we are developing our Contact Center based on major trends in Norway, Europe and the rest of the world. In addition to looking at trends, we also look inwards. We have among other things, changed the order of the buttons in the left column, based on how you use our solution. We use statistics to make the use even easier for you. Looking ahead into to the autumn, we will continue to improve Zisson Contact Center through exciting collaboration with partners and not least through all the exciting things we ourselves are developing to offer you even more functionality.

Reporting Module

Statistics are fun and crucial for an optimal operation, and we have made it much easier to extract our own customized reports. The module can be assigned to individual agents or groups of agents. You can make selections in relation to which service numbers, queues, menus and agents, etc. which one wants to be included in the extract. You can also use templates that you can reuse several times.

Email in Queue

Email in queue gives the customer an opportunity to queue inquiries received by email. The customer redirects his email address to the defined email address, and the email inquiries are queued in line with inquiries from other media.

Email inquiries are queued and answered by agents in the same simple UI in the same way as other written media in the solution. One agent can answer multiple inquiries simultaneously, often also in combination with other media inquiries.

The link between the queue(s) and the customer's e-mail is easily made under Control Panel.

Alternative solution for email in queue: URL in queue URL in queue can be used as email queuing for customers who use office365. End user is offered the mail in the Contact Center but responds in Outlook webmail.

Conference Module

You can now establish conference calls in the solution. There are regular traffic charges for conference calls.

Dialer: automated outbound dialing

You can now import outbound call lists for call blending. You can weigh incoming calls higher than outgoing calls giving you the possibility to offer outgoing calls to your agents when they have no incoming calls. You can easily export the outcome of call lists to possibly generate new call lists for missed calls.

Admin version 1. is ready

We continue our work throughout the autumn to create the solution you have all been waiting for, lots of functionality are already in place which we are looking forward to showing you in this release. It's the same properties as before, just made easier. You have a greater opportunity to control which agents have access to what, and we have introduced heritage of properties from user group to agents.

Wallboard Admin

A wallboard is no longer a user, instead it creates a 'URL' that you enter into a web browser. The module itself consists of the same windows as before, it is the admin part that is new. It is now much easier to create and manage the links to the wallboards and add the desired logo / picture as part of a Wallboard.

Group SMS

If you want to send SMS to a group you will love this functionality, we have now launched Group SMS in the solution. You can easily create SMS groups. You can send a text message that the recipient can actually reply to and return to an SMS queue in the contact center.

If you need or want more information, please contact your sales advisor who will be delighted to help you.