About us

Who are we?

Zisson helps businesses provide professional and fantastic customer dialogue. Zisson is a Norwegian technology company established in 2008 by contact center pioneers. We are a growing competence house with almost 30 employees, and our office is located in the center of Oslo. Customers are our main priority, and we have over 300 customers in 15 different countries. We have a flat and open organization with short decision routes.

Vision and Mission

We have as Zissonians identified our fundamental values. The chosen values are fundamental navigators for our way of work and way of being. They stand as pillars for the individuals and the team in total.

Our values

Get the job done: We are always striving to cooperate with key tasks, to efficiently deliver quality at the agreed upon time.

Simplicity: Our internal and external communication is direct and open with short decision-making cycles. Our products are intuitive to the degree that it minimizes any need for a training period.

One team We work together towards our goals and win and lose together. We are Zissonians, which means that we care about and respect each other. It also means that everyone takes a responsibility to contribute in the team, and feels ownership to own and collective assignments.