Customer driven innovation

Zisson is in constant change, and we have gone from being 17 to 48 employees in a year. We have expanded to Stockholm, and much more. But one thing that will never change is our customer focus!

Our customers is always our biggest priority. And, we are proud to say that this is reflected in surveys and conversations. Last week we had a visit from our client Norwegian to discuss future plans for development, and we got the chance to hear what they wanted from us. We need customer reviews to enhance our product, and our goal for the future is to be more customer driven in our product development.

Meeting the customers contributes to continuous improvement of the entire produkt. In these meetings, the customer can elaborate and show us how they actually use the product. This is how we learn new things and get an overview of what works and what needs to change. I look forward to working even more with our customers in the future!

Carrie Chung, Zisson, Senior Reporting Developer.

This is known as human-centered development, and is a philosophy that empowers the team to create products, services and systems that truly addresses the core needs of the users. In Zisson we use the "jobs to be done" methodology. When you as a company understands the humans, and develop from their perspectives, you reach unexpected ideas, and come up with concepts that they'll embrace. They will also feel a greater affinity for the product when they get to join the process.

Applying "Jobs to be done" methodology during our workshops with customers, give us real world data and great user cases information.

Alejandro Orduz, Zisson, UI/UX-designer.

"Our global 24/7 operation requires continuous availability of stable and user-friendly customer dialogue systems. Contact center by Zisson has a key role in our success.”