Conference Call


What is conference calls and how can it improve your meetings?

Teleconferencing makes it easy to maintain good work and communication flows, and limits the need for physical meetings. Teleconferencing can easily be created with an unlimited number of participants. Teleconferencing is a secure and robust solution for maintaining cross-border meeting activities, and is a solution that can be essential in a contingency situation.

Conference call description


The customer has access to one or more numbers that can be called to a conference. A key selection menu can also be built to enter several conference rooms.

Security: Caller must enter a code to get to the conference. This can be different in any different conference room. This can also be changed. 

International callers: Foreign numbers can be linked to the same conference. Something that gives local rates even when calling from different countries.


A solution for digital meetings

Today, most people are working mobile, and more people are using digital tools and collaborating more than just a few years ago, we also have higher demands for the workplace than ever before. To maintain meeting business needs across multiple locations, the right tools must be used. Teleconferencing is a secure, efficient and robust solution that makes meeting and home office easier and more efficient. Zisson’s conference call service requires no training and works like a regular telephone call. That way, your employees and customers won’t have to learn complicated systems.

Conference calls are optimal for your business

  • Businesses in several locations

    Telephone conferencing works great for businesses with employees scattered across multiple locations, such as field services.

  • Residential building team, owner-sectional partner and housing association

    Digitize board meetings, general meetings and annual meetings with telephone conferences.

  • Dynamic workplaces

    Digital innovation has changed the way we work and the demands placed on the workplace and colleagues. A modern workplace is a dynamic and digital environment where innovation and creativity flourish freely. It is necessary to attract the best employees.

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