Generation Z doesn't like to call - what can we do about it?

We talk a lot about generations: Baby boomers, Generation X, Millennials, Generation Z. We are in a continually changing phase with endless amounts of digital tools, and at the same time, we have very different skills and levels of digital understanding. With different generations working together in society, at work, and running a country together, we need solutions that work for both Thunberg and Trump. When the future generation doesn't like to call - what can we do about it?

When young people between the ages of 15-19 communicate with their friends on social media other than face to face,why do we think that they will contact a business or municipalities differently?

"Call me" - Boomers.

 Many businesses and people (like "Helsesista") has solved the puzzle on how to reach young people by using chat. This is the approach that all companies should take if they take citizen and customer communication seriously. Except for the "older generation," we all talk less on the phone and more on written media than before.

Millennials grew up in a digital age, where the internet is a fully integrated part of everyday life. They chat instead of calling, and when you first call, it can feel invasive because it requires an immediate response. When using written media such as SMS, e-mail, and chat, you have the opportunity to respond on your premises. "When someone calls, you don't get time to formulate your wording perfectly, and you can't save the answer for later" - Zisson's Marketing Coordinator, Sarah, 25 years old.

There are also new challenges with the internet being available 24 hours a day, and we no longer relate to "opening hours from 9-5". Here you will be able to use AI to be available 24/7, and possibly forward the request to a contact who can handle it as quickly as possible. Do you want to join the revolution then keep up, because if not you will lose customers to those who are taking part in the digital future. Our preferences are constantly changing, and when we also have to communicate across generations, this will, of course, presents challenges. Today, phone calls are being neglected, but tomorrow it may be text messages. This is a reality we must deal with, whether we like it or not. 

Omnichannel is the solution

At Zisson, we are working on digitizing communication. We gather all forms of communication in one platform and connect it to CRM and other back systems so that you can contact each other using telephony, chat, SMS, e-mail, and social media. This is an "omnichannel".  

The fact is that the generations today demand that businesses must be available on all platforms and that they have an overview of all inquiries, which can seem challenging. Fortunately, this does not have to be difficult with the right tools. 

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