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How we achieve customer success with our Customer Success Team

Zisson has long seen the value of close customer follow-up. It is precisely our proximity to customers that is and has been one of our competitive advantages in the market. But with growth in both the customer portal and the company, the board and management agreed that action had to be taken to ensure the close customer dialogue. We are fortunate to have a chairman of the board who is passionate about customer success. Together, it was decided that we wanted to create a dedicated Customer Success Team. 

What does a customer success team do?

A lot lies in the title, 'Customer Success'! The team's everyday life is about assisting our customers in achieving success with their communication solution and ensuring a better everyday life for the customer and the end customers.

A Customer Success Manager (CSM) follows the customer journey from A to Z when choosing Zisson as a supplier. CSM follows up on the customer's projects, assists in the implementation process, provide training, and ensures that all aspects of start-up go as they should. The most important thing is that the customer feels seen and taken care of. It can also mean being advisors to the client. This means that if we see elements where the customer can make an improvement for the customer to achieve better results, it is our job to promote those points. A CSM's goal is for customers to experience that they get an improved everyday life and added value from choosing us as a supplier.

Customer feedback is an important part of the product development

The proximity to the customer provides a good insight into how the customers work with the product. In addition to the fact that this provides good opportunities to adapt the solution to fit perfectly with the customer's everyday life, it also helps to see where the product can be further developed to meet new challenges and new working methods.

An essential part of Zisson's product development process is listening to customer feedback. They are the ones who use the product every day, and they have a unique insight into how the product works. Our experience is that the feedback is of such high quality that the proposals are often implemented. The feedback from customers is well taken care of, followed up, and greatly appreciated.

How does a CSM enhance the customer journey?

First and foremost, it is about being a project manager for the customer. What distinguishes a CSM from an ordinary project manager is that CSM always has the customer's vision in focus. In both internal and external processes, CSM works to ensure that the customer gets as much value increase as possible. The team assists with expertise around the product and stands as an advisor throughout the process. 

We interviewed one of our customer success managers, Kim Josefsen. 

What does a normal work day look like?

I have never had one! All the customer, projects and days are different. A "normal" day does not exist. But that is the great thing about this job! A big part of the job is meetings with customers, technical implementation, feedback and working with integrations.

One of the main values in Zisson is "One Team", which means that we will work together as one team towards a common goal. A CSM needs to promote the customer's needs and wishes, good internal information flow, and the workflow between departments is very important. 

What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing about the job is the great variety of customer contact. For me, giving customers what they need is a massive boost in everyday life, and following up on satisfied customers. Being primarily responsible for following up on customers' success means that the responsibility for customer satisfaction lies with me, and knowing when we fulfill this is, for me, the best thing about the job.

We heard what our Customer, Snap drive, thinks about working with a Customer Success Manager from Zisson

Snap Drive has had Kim Josefsen as a dedicated contact person from when they became our customer

Kim Josefsen is a resource that knows us as a customer and our needs. This means that we, as a customer, spend less time explaining issues, and we do not have to create large projects for minor changes. He has taken care of the changes we have wanted quickly and efficiently without any problems. For us, Kim Josefsen has been an important partner who has made us successful with the solution and which means that we are still and will continue to be a satisfied customer.

Ole-Vidar Sollie, Head of Customer Center, Snap Drive.