Customer Contact Week 2020

Per Magnar Teigen Sarah Tomine Johannessen CCW20

Last week, Zisson went to Nashville to attend the Customer Contact Week for the second time! Customer Contact Week (CCW) is the world’s largest customer contact event series. 

We wanted to learn more about trends and innovation in the contact centers in the US, and the emerging technologies set to disrupt the industry. Also, working with different companies and verticals to hear their needs and thoughts on contact center solutions is very important for us to build the best roadmap possible. 

With workshops, think tanks, and great speakers throughout the event, we felt like it was an excellent environment for discussions about trends in customer care and communication. 

Here are some of our key takeaways:

Safety is essential to customers and a must-have for all contact center users. How can you ensure that your customer’s data is being handled the right way and that your agents know what to do in any situation? Many customers might give away more information than they should, and all contact centers need clear guidelines on how that should be handled. With upcoming chatbot technology and agents that are coming and going, it is vital to have a way to limit information flow. Might that be authentication methods like two-step verification; differentiate between admins and users; or more self-service so that the customer doesn’t need to be in direct contact with agents.  

Quality assurance on calls while you still need to be GDPR-compliant. Being able to listen to a call is a great way to keep track of your agents and help them evolve with direct comments. It might be crucial in the start period of a new agent and can be a great motivator. It can also be a great help when you run into a tricky customer, to send them to someone else before a situation escalates. Now, how can this even be GDPR-compliant? Well, the key here is to ask permission and also make this an option in the IVR. 

Keep your agents feel useful and help the company achieve a better retention rate. High-turnover is high cost and bad for morale. A way to help achieve a better retention rate is to make the Contact Center an easy-to-use and even a fun experience. Set goals/KPI´s and track them with statistics in the Contact Center. Award the best of the day, week, month, and use gamification in their every day to keep them performing their best while having fun. Rewards could be something from your product, a gift card, the best parking lot, or maybe the opportunity to leave early on Friday. 

Video: Zisson visiting the Customer Contact Week in Nashville

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