Together we create a positive communication experience for you and your customers.

Kontaktsenterløsning som også inkluderer sentralbord-funksjonalitet


Wave Contact Centre is one of the most flexible communication solutions on the market for inbound and outbound customer calls. Wave is a full-fledged and modern contact centre solution that includes switchboard functionality.


Wave PBX in the cloud is an IP telephony solution. IP telephony is a natural replacement for existing analog and ISDN lines, and for increasingly more people, a natural and affordable supplement to their mobile phones.

Wave Hussentral i skyen, IP-telefoni løsning

Support & Solution Design

Zisson support and solution design team work close with all our customers, offering efficient and professional handling of all matters of inquiries.

Why Zisson

Zisson offers highly flexible telephony solutions for switchboard, contact center and IP (PBX). All services are cloud-based and require non installation on the client level.

Customer references

Zisson delivers communications solutions to both small and large organizations.